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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by BeastMode, May 16, 2016.

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    I thought that was you, but wasn't sure seeing as I don't think we're friends anymore on there when I looked last night. I remember looking back on it last year and thinking "man likes his Uncharted games". Its cool. Maybe we never connected back during Siege days? Who knows. Add me on there if ya want and I'll lurk ya junk.
    Believe it was a free game a month or two ago. Why most have it. Check out that and the charity effort. Solid.
    Tellltale have received nothing but praise for that title. Put them on the map didn't it? Still never got into those types since like Police Quest or whatever and I'm pretty sure that wasn't even a point and click. Still is tempting though.
    You and like one other person on my list are fucking animals with that shit. I only have a little bit of the disease in that I check first if a game has a difficulty range for completion and then pick the difficulty before I play. That's about the extent of it though. Confrontation ruined PS Trophies for me, personally. After that VIP Extraction nonsense I stopped caring. Bunch of fucking dicks them SOCOMers. lol
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    My trophy list is evidence that I've found my tastes when it comes to games. If you look at my list, I damn near get everything out of them cause I like them. There are a couple that fell by the way side due to one issue or another and I don't care enough to go back now. It comes and goes, currently I'm in a bit of a hunting mode when I'm playing stuff, but if you look at my stats on that site, you'll notice I slowed down A LOT in 2014 - a) I was completely consumed by Destiny for a good 18 straight months and b) I graduated college and the "free" money to burn via student loans was gone (but it was mainly Destiny completely consuming me cause I damn near didn't play anything until Fallout 4 came out 14 months after Destiny 1).

    Confrontation trophies were fucking stupid, especially when you consider we lost 3-4 months of stats. I think I had like two trophies left including the one what felt like 100 requirements. I think one was the extractions, escorts, and demolitions trophy (where you had to fucking win to get credit or some dumb shit on top of simply doing it).
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    I played it for abit, was alot of fun. got boring though
  4. S_L_I_C_K

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    the uncharted series has been one of my favorite franchises but i have yet to load it up. i am kind of saving it for when i get bored of everything else. that and i dont want to start on it and have to leave to play one of the many games that are coming out. currently i am playing fortnite as a filler until the new ark map comes out (which is right now) so ark should keep me busy for awhile and then i guess i have to play that god awful destiny 2 for a few weeks, then hopefully the cod zombies are good enough to draw the attention away from destiny for a few months.
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    if you are a fan of the series be sure to pick up the lost legacy then. the final chapter is one of the best chapters in any of the games. after playing through it a second time, i think I like it more than UC4. this game was just really well done, it reminds me of a greatest hits album. they took all of the good things from 1-4 and just mashed them all together. the pacing is perfect and the story really picks up after chapter 4. 1 of the puzzles was actually really difficult to solve too which was actually a nice thing to see.
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    My copy just came in the mail. Probably gonna be playing this the next couple days.
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    Shoulda let me know you were interested in Uncharted 4, I have a brand new sealed copy laying around. Woulda sent it to you for free. It came in a slim PS4 bundle that I bought to replace my failed launch model, and at that time I already had Uncharted 4.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    No, I meant the new one with the broads in it. I already had UC4. Thanks for the thought though. If you still want to send me something I'll take some nudes......
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    UC5: LAYDEES Edition

    I will say, UC4 was fucking baller, a great ending to a great franchise. Call it a popcorn shooter, but it's the standard bearer for popcorn shooters with fun gameplay, good characters, and a formulaic but functional plot.
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    if you havent played UC2, play it sometime. amazing game and probably naughty dog's best work.
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    have you played the last of us online, thats my favorite multiplayer on the ps4, its raw and super strategic, here is some comeback videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvRFDfibHkhjb_b0JulHRA/videos i wonder if some are fake though im always skeptical, it can definitely be done, its multiplayers like the last of us that are my favorite and should be the most popular, alot of factors play into that like how many people are streaming and if the casuals jump on board and some luck, there is even aim assist and i still play it which says a lot with me though i wish you could disable it and i asked naughty dog in a q&a if they could add the option to disable it and they said its something thats in all console shooters and more ill get the link later, i'm glad rainbow six siege is doing well because i love those types of games and blacklight retribution is the best fps on the ps4
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    Problem with last of us online is the horrible matchmaking. All it pairs you with is welfares who play nonstop or you wait 30 minutes for a match

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