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    So this is what happened to me the last couple months: Wrecked my 03 impala and moved up to an an 07 impala ls. Honestly this 07 is a piece of shit, especially compared to the condition of the 03. The interior of the 07 feels cheaper, the factory stereo isn't as good, not nearly as loud, and the factory subwoofer in it doesn't beat as hard, the speakers break up more often, and radio stations I could pick up easily in the 03 I struggle to get without static in the 07. Like I said above the detailing in the car feels cheaper also. it's got a slight oil leak also that's starting to stain my driveway, and it's throwing a P0011 code or crankshaft timing fault, it's idling up and down while cruising along not a lot but probably a couple hundred rpm by the tach. The exterior condition isn't as nice either, got quiet a few scuffs and scratches in the pain, while the 03 just had a few chips in the paint. I don't even want to go into the dealership fucking me with not explaining what all I was paying for, but they are going to remove the warranty which ended up being 60% of the value of the fucking thing, learnt my lesson on that one.

    20507522_1402032083199245_3924071321760242153_o.jpg 20863326_1417007918368328_3340175516807841531_o.jpg 20901019_1417007368368383_406708870612706905_o.jpg 20861627_1417007515035035_6929811170298951255_o.jpg
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    fuckin just OUCH! Your right, the car is clean, but obviously a fucking shit pile with odd issues. GM cool like that. Only thing I recommend is to try and get 'em 4 years old or so. Best value (for me) and usually one owner and stay away from rentals sold back and multiple owner leases. I hate fucking cars so much you have no idea.

    Pretty sure I just replaced my 6th hub assembly is 3 1/2 years. Shits old af. Same with replacing 5 alternators in our old Saturn. That fucking pile used to burn a quart every 1,000. Talk about a fresh oil change every few fill ups. although one thing I love about my dude is that he tore out all the heat shielding around said alternator and magically it stopped frying. Shit like that infuriates me to no end. Same with a little drip drip from a radiator. Every swinging dick looking for a mark with tell you head gaskets and other vile shit.

    Don't even get me started on cost of parts at Advance/O'Reilys/Napa versus dealership and the fuckery? Shiiiiiiit.

    Thanks for the share and sorry about your loss.
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    Yea it's a decent car, decent shape but the few mechanical issues, I need to get that timing issue checked before the car craps out on me, but besides the steering being nice and tight, the quality of the standard 03 seemed so much higher than the 07, feels like they cut corners in it. The previous owner/owners really took care of that 03 though, and the worst of done to it was stain the driver seat and center console from oil on my arms and clothes at work, and chipped the paint off the bumper a bit when a coworker ran his jacked up truck tire into it, he came back in told me and paid for the touch up pin I bought and never used. I got lucky on that car it was so clean, only major issue was new struts on front end. Another year and half I was ready to trade it in for something newer. Oh well shit happens pay this one off, get this issues fixed and look to trade it in for something probably at that point around a 2012 model maybe newer.
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    One thing I like to do every few Christmases or so is to purchase them jumper packs for batteries and give one out to someone. Nothing worse than a dead vehicle somewhere. I'm reminded I'm not even sure my spare tire isn't fucking deflated and defective and missing the lug wrench etc. Got to get on that while its fresh in my dome.

    Two more tires this week and $250 later I'll be ready for whatever winter brings. Cause fuck breaking down in -40° F
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    yea that's one thing I haven't had to do yet is change a tire both cars had/have nearly brand new tires on them, first oil change had a garage do it, 2nd my brother did, and then he turned around and did the front brakes a couple days later all on the 03. While I don't mind getting dirty and working with my hands if there is a way out of it I'm going to take it because I'm lazy like that.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    This might help.

    how to inspect a car2.jpg

    For my money a Ford F series is a cant miss. I would never buy a pick up new, especially if you plan on beating on it. Be prepared for some sticker shock as even fairly old pick ups are insanely overpriced. Used to be a man could buy a pick up at a decent price and save some money, but now that yuppies and hipsters drive them, the prices have gone up.
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    "Running when you get there." "Man handled" So scumbag its a classic. A must read. A few of you around here HAD to have had at least a few happen. I giggled more than a few. If I start smoking cigarettes and drinking again, I'm gonna go sell cars. Fuck it. I need to be with my people.
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    My dad's truck is a 97 chevy 1500 extended cab if I remember right, he's been looking last few years at replacing it with something comparable, around 4 years old or so with the modern equivalent to the features it has. I don't remember the exact numbers but I think it's 20+k I might even be low balling that number, I know it's out- fucking- ragious the price for a truck comparable to his when he bought it.

    This and my driving skill are the main reason I won't touch a truck, I'm honestly not the greatest driver, especially before my wreck, I drove like a race car driver, and not a very good one either, since then I've slowed down go easier on the brakes. But my skill stuff in a parking lot still lacks, I could probably get away with a small truck, but with the price of trucks compared to cars...

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Yea its a joke. I should have mentioned the Chevy 1500s along with the Ford F series as they are pretty much 6 to one half dozen to another as far as reliability and part availability. It really just boils down to personal taste.

    What is really a joke is what these fuckers try to sell Suburbans and Tahoes for. I dont know how it is in the rest of the country, but in the Northeast, people are asking for 15K for an '09 Tahoe with 150,000 miles on them. I wanted to get a daily driver for the Winter and started pricing them because I wanted the size and comfort of one but the asking prices are fucking insane.

    We have a dealer over in PA that specializes in decommed police vehicles and even the barebones cop model Tahoes with 100K miles on them that have been beat to shit and involved in shootouts are over $10,000. Its a joke. And its all because of the yuppy wives that made their husbands buy them because they wanted something "big and safe" to drive their crotch droppings to and from soccer practice.
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    Not to mention IT'S UP NORTH, I lived there, I know people who lived there winter's are hell on a vehicle. A few winter's of that nice salty brine, snow, and road debris just wears the underside, wheels wells and quarter panels near the wheels out.
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    Which brings us to the next grift...."rust proofing" lol.
    Usually when I hear that someone struggles with parking, backing up, etc its usually 99% because they don't use their rear view and side mirrors as much as they should.

    Sounds weird, but once I stopped doing that dumb over the shoulder shit and only did it to check for my two blinds; did I begin to back up and maneuver like a F1 driver.

    The button to bring in them side mirrors also helps while pulling into parking garages and other crowded pedestrian riddled predicaments, but remember your going in blind in the peripheral at that point.

    And don't get me going on today's society unabashedly walking out in front of fast moving vehicles with the thought that "they need to yield to me!" Um sure do, but might wanna rethink your life before you do that downtown in front a public entrance to the grocery's parking garage at noon.
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    Yea Georgia is actually state law pedestrians have right of way in parking lots and shit.
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    I'd still argue common sense dictates the situation better than state law (I think its the same here). I walk with a sense of purpose and try my damnedest to get out of people's fucking way at all costs, especially when my life at stake. You'll see me canter like a fucking horse across ped x'ings even when I got time if I see someone waiting to turn across my path.

    Move that shit along!

    But some you can actually witness them casually challenge you with their eyes and you can see the conscience effort to play chicken, but with a meandered "fuck you" stroll. At that point, its game on.

    Please stop mid saunter and kick/slap my car.
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    yep me too, get the fuck out of the road! Who the fuck wants to take as much possible time in a space reserved for 1 ton machines to move at 20+ miles an hour. I always put a nice jog into my step when crossing a vehicle.
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    Like 6 months ago my old phone got salt water damage beyond repair, and I didn't have anything backed up. Lost everything, 100's of photos, videos, etc. Before it got damaged I couldnt even post pics because my phone's memory was so maxed out I couldn't even pull up the photo gallery. Anyway here are a few pics of the GTR and Z06 I had saved elsewhere.
    IMG_20170902_161452_688.jpg IMG_20170902_161301_282.jpg IMG_20170902_161127_155.jpg
    IMG_20170902_160326_210.jpg IMG_20170606_165615_425.jpg
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