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    I'm a big fan of cool art and wallpapers. Usually landscape or Sci-Fi and fantasy related stuff. I've got a huge folder of wallpapers and I thought it might be cool to share some. Feel free to add any of your own.

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  2. Sikkamore

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    <3 Olof's defuse on Overpass
  3. Xx_ICE-PICK_xX

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    i love them as well. I change pretty frequently. right now I have a movie poster i really like. Never seen the movie...just like the pic.


    was a mountain of bullets before that....and the "arishok" before that. bad ass character IMO.
  4. SkiMask

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    I rock dual monitors at work and I love hunting for good ones usually backed in Nature or landscapes and high resolution. Let me know if you have dual, but don't how it is achieved.
    afallsunrise.jpg garden-in-the-garden-by-franck-vallet-3360x1050-W.jpg hawaiian-sunset-3360x1050-W.jpg horizon-3360x1050.jpg reading-room-.jpg starrysky_w3360_h1050_cw3360_ch1050.jpg

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