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    So this game is a free to play third person shooter mmo. Warframe is usually in the top 10 on steamcharts and I always see a bunch of people playing it on my PS4 friends list. I started playing again after stopping in 2014 and am god damn addicted.

    You play as a high flying space ninja killing humans, clones, robots, and the infested alien things. Love the art, and general style the game has got going on.

    The only problem I see with this game besides the obvious grind that comes with games like this is it's really hard as a total noob to know wtf is going on. I spent lots of time on the wiki, reddit, and youtube before I got a grasp on what to do after you finish putting your ship together.

    As far as the FTP model I think they did a good job with it. You can get everything in the game besides cosmetic items without spending real money. The only thing you need the "platinum" currency on is slots for new weapons and frames. But you can always sell stuff to other players that you find in game to make the money for that. (There is an in game "trading" chat where you sell or buy shit).

    They really fleshed the game out from when I was playing with a lot of updates to the game itself and also adding Frames(Characters), primary, secondary, melee weapons, quests etc...

    There are currently 28 frames with more than half having a "Prime" version which is almost the same as the base but with some visual differences and stat buffs.

    I'm not going to count them but there's 150+ weapons in the game.

    There are 14 planets and they have anywhere from 15-25 missions on each of them. Plus there's nightmare missions, sorties, trials, and PVP.http://gfycat.com/ValuableMistyKid

    If you liked destiny at all this is definitely your cup of tea. Similar set up except about SO MUCH MORE CONTENT.

    If anyone gives it a try let me know what you think, I mean shit there's nothing to lose as it's free:D

    Gonna post a few links down here if you're interested in the game check them out.

    Totalbiscuits Warframe Relapse

    Reddit guide with lots of good info

    Guide to playing the game for totally free, unlocking frames and shit
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    I've played this year for xone and became very addicted. I would say this is one of the better gaming communities out there very mature players who one goal is to grind. You can do a lot here, and on any giving night you can log,on and do different things such as grind, rank up frames or rank up weapons. I haven't played lately as much bc other games do occupy my time but I am sure I will hit this game again just as I did before.
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    I definitely agree about the community, Warframe has the nicest gaming community I have ever been a part of. When I just started playing again and had no clue wtf was going on, some high level guys explained everything, took me through some T3/4 void missions, gave me good mods and added me to their clan without me even asking. I really want to try the raids and sorties when I get back from vacation.
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    Skill up put out a great review for Warframe in 2017.

    Even though he got a couple things wrong (which he corrects in the first comment) th e video and review is solid.

    I recently came back after a long break and the game can definitely be overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming for brand new players but the community is usually more than welcome to help. Set your own goals, reach them, think about what you want to do next, and then just do it. Happy ninjaing.

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