"What Are You Listening To?" Thread

Discussion in 'Mindless Ramblings' started by VicVega0015, Aug 16, 2011.

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    PAUL-AWOL- Desert Glory

  4. WAR_PIG

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    RIP Chris.... So sad. :(

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  5. Tawok

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    No way man, god damnit
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  6. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    Been bummed out about this all morning. TO make matters worse, he dies on the same day as that Fox News scumbag Ailes decided to go.

    Thank god I have this to listen to every morning, or I don't know what I would do...

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    Didn't have time to look for that one. Love when Mr. Cash did cover songs. Still love this one:


    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Cornell was quite possibly the best male vocalist of our generation. And maybe the most versatile.

    Looks like Eddie is the last man standing.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Best JC song coming in.....

  13. Drum

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    Chris Cornell was my very favorite. Any time the topic came up: "Favorite/best rock singer?" No hesitation. Dude was the man in my book. Now they say he took his own life, and that makes it even bitterer. What on earth could save someone? Nothing, ultimately. Salvation is not of this world but of the supernatural realm, which Chris always seemed to be seeking in his lyrics and beyond. As a Catholic, I'm especially heartened by his rendition of Ave Maria. It only made me a bigger fan. My fellows in the Faith pray solemnly for the souls of the dearly departed as we mourn. Then we celebrate their lives. And we keep them in our prayers thereafter. Although I'm hardly among the most pious of men, it's the best I can do. I'm lost for one video to post in his memory. No one song or album seems to do, right now. They're all flooding through. What a magnificent catalogue of work he left. What a life. Requiescat in pace.
  14. Bacterin

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    Chris Cornell was one of the greatest, but I don't think there is a greatest singer. Mike Patton has the highest vocal range and is one of my favorites, but he might not be for everyone. Chris Cornell is more accessible for "mainstream" listeners so he'll be recognized more. It's more of a preference thing in the end. I prefer Layne Staley personally but most people would say Cornell had the better voice...but what defines better? Range, emotion? Because Staley had both.
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  15. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    All great picks. I'm on board with what you are thinking. Number 1 in my book will always be Robert Plant, tho...
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Well sure, but I was including men who were actually relevant to music at some point in their career. Which is why I didnt consider Mike Patton. I'm sure I could find some dude in Albuquerque that might have a better voice than Chris Cornell, but since hes singing karaoke in Albuquerque, hes not relevant to the music world. Just like Mike Patton.
  17. SGP421

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    I have to say that I don't have much respect or pity for someone that ends their own life like this. 20 years ago I had a friend that decided he wanted to die and thought that jumping off a cliff of the Grand Canyons north rim was a memorable way to go.

    With that said RIP CC. I guess some people have the ability to look inward and put out music that he did but can't find an outlet for their demons. With that said I guess I'll post a link to another good vocalist IMO

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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I dont either. But Christ, the guy has been obsessed with darkness and death throughout his whole career if you listen to his music. If anything he had already warned everyone. Guy was a devout Christian too so theres the whole "The only people guaranteed a spot in Hell are suicides."

    Which makes me hope maybe it was just some asphyxiation kink gone wrong.

    Plus he was in Detroit.

    Cant blame anybody for hanging up if theyre stuck in Detroit.
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  20. SGP421

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    I agree, it's Detroit's fault
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