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    One of the most intellectually honest movies I've seen in awhile. If you don't mind an entirely slow burn, check it.
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    Anthony Jeselnik from his special Thoughts and Prayers on Netflix.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Good movie, but they demonized banks and Wall Street way too much for the housing meltdown and barely touched on the real reason it happened and who was at fault.

    If it wasn't for equal lending legislation passed by the government that forced banks to lend money to unqualified people with the threat of sanctions and investigations, Wall Street guys would never have had the opportunity to profit off the shit in the first place.

    Yea, banks gave loans to people who had no business ever getting loans, but they only did so because the government FORCED them to. Banks were given a new set of rules and regulations sent to them by the government who passed laws that forced them into giving money to unqualified minorities along with a set of quotas that they would be evaluated on that would expose them to government investigation if they didn't follow the orders.

    It was essentially Affirmative Action in the form of loans where banks were strong armed into giving loans to people simply because they were the proper skin color. They were given the choice of looking out for the best business interests of their bank long term, or facing a government colon exam next year if their lending sheet wasn't "diverse" enough.

    Its hard to blame someone for doing something when they are compelled to do it by someone else who is essentially holding a gun to their head and telling them to do it.

    Sure Wall Street guys may have seen an opportunity to make money off of it once the train started going off the rails, but thats their job. If not for government interference in the free market, none of that would have happened.

    Its like if someone puts a gun to your head and says "You have to give your money to this guy."

    And you say "But this guy is never going to pay me back!"

    And the guy holding the gun to your head says "Yea, but we dont care. You don't lend enough money to people with his skin color and it isnt fair. We want everything to be equal."

    Then you say "But if he doesnt pay it back I'm gonna be fucked!"

    Then they say "Don't worry about that right now. We'll shut you down right now if you don't give him that money"

    Then you say "Sigh,,,.......fine"

    Then, amazingly, after a decade+ of the government forcing banks to give money to people who cant pay it back, shit goes sideways. Then they blame the banks. Then they pass legislation which uses taxpayer money to bail out the very banks they pushed under by forcing them to make loans to unqualified people in the first place.

    Its all a fucking joke and if it didn't actually happen, nobody would believe the story.
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    Better call Saul! that fucking show is every bit as good as breaking bad.
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    Couldn't agree more. That first season had me craving cucumber water. Ish.

    Bob Odenkirk getting his due warms the cockles.
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    I agree and was hoping you wouldn't have noticed that teensy fact. I think that was covered on "They" blamed it on immigrants and poor people. I don't think they were referring to just Wall Street. But your right, it was defiantly policy to provide every American with a home out of an absurd "American right". That was ultimately the mistake. That and the huge sense of entitlement within consumerism we are facing these days. Its starting again. We never learn...
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    AMC is really stretching it out. Im all for a slow burn, but Jimmy's storyline is fucking tedious at this point. 2 seasons to show us his brother is batshit crazy and Jimmy doesnt like boring desk jobs?

    Mikes arc is the only reason I watch the show at this point.
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    Ah, fuck. That means Season 2 for you was slowly letting you down week by week? I hadn't gotten here yet, but from the first I was down. Mike's story arc whether B or C is defiantly holding me in. He has such a sordid past that I was curiously awaiting each and every week to see it progress in the first season.

    You gave me some uh ohs for the second. Still gonna watch though. Couldn't be that bad compared to what's out there.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I cant even give you any spoilers for Saul's arc.

    Because nothing happens.

    Unless you consider 10 episodes of office politics and tedious small talk that doesnt advance the plot (if there even is one) great television, you will be bored. The whole Jimmy arc thus far could have been condensed down to 5 or 6 episodes. Instead its been close to 20 or so. Its obvious Gilligan and AMC are milking the cow for all its worth and slow walking the show.

    You cant even appreciate it as a character study because we already know what happens to Saul. So all this shit is just filler.
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    to me the jimmy story line is the second story line, the main one is mikes, and it is progressing a tad slow but i love it. and i think the second season is far better than the first.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I like it, but to me they are obviously milking it. Also the Tuco incident was in direct opposition to the speech Mike gave to Walter about half measures when Walt was contemplating getting rid of Jesse. He told Walter he learned that lesson as a cop in Philly when that wife beater killed his wife so we know it happened before the Tuco incident. So he doesnt even follow his own advice.

    And the two brothers menacing his granddaughter while she was swimming had no tension at all because we know that nothing happens to her.

    Theres just a few things like that that irritate me about the writing. I also wish they would bring Gus in already and they should do more flash forwards to his Cinnabun manager life and do something with that. Frankly watching him manage a Cinnabun would be more entertaining to me than the legal office bullshit we've had to suffer through.


    Any of you guys see TWD finale? 90 minute episode that consisted of 85 minutes of commercials and driving an RV around like rats in a maze which concludes with a overly drawn out speech by the latest bad guy with an annoying cliff hanger. I've never wished I could get 90 minutes of my life back more then the ones wasted on that borefest of a season finale.
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    I cannot read some of these posts and I realize that I have the intestinal fortitude not to even peek. It's a great feeling.

    I've been saving my be-hymen for TWD. Just don't know when they're gonna pop the question.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    That show is an overrated pile of shit. Its pure filler on a scale never before seen on television. Its equal parts stupidity and boredom played out weekly. I watch it simply out of morbid curiosity since I've been watching it since the first episode. I couldn't care less about any of the characters, the writing is lazy and predictable, and the story lines are laughably repetitive.

    "Oh no! It's another group of dangerous outsiders!"

    "What should we do Rick?"

    "We need to fight!"

    Its fucking ridiculous. You could replace any of the antagonists with any other antagonist from season 3 onward, and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Its literally the exact same story every year.

    And the fact that they are so smitten with themselves that they actually have a live wrap up show on some pretentious coffee table set with a host to discuss all the deep and meaningful plot twists with the mongoloid audience is a fucking joke. You would have to be borderline retarded to find this show entertaining for any reason other than comedy.
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    I liked the first season. Like the moment Rick rounds a corner on a horse to find a horde of walkers lining the street. I think that was the last real "oh shit" moment I saw. Since then it seems like a rinse and repeat of people saying "That's not who you are, that's not who we are, etc." comment trying to define what they have become and what they don't want the world to cause them to become followed by killing a few roaming walkers, followed by some new group they have to fight who wants their shit.

    The cliffhanger of "what happened to Glenn" that they dragged out for like three episodes was ridiculous and seems like they are leaning too heavy on that string along tactic to keep people watching not realizing its more likely to have the opposite affect where they drag it on so long that people stop giving a shit what happened to him. I feel like the people in charge of the show were secretly replaced by the people who called the shots for what changes to make in Socom in the later games lol. Too stupid too realize their decisions are going to have the opposite effect of what they were going for when they made those decisions. The only redeeming part of the season was when the little blonde kid died who wouldn't shut the fuck up when they were trying to blend in with the zombies and kept trying to talk to his mother. I've never been more happy to see a kid meet a brutal end on a TV show more then that kid lol. But as for next season, I'm not sure come October I'll even care anymore who Negan chose. After the 3 episode Glenn string along and this 90 minutes of nothing finale I think I've had my fill of string along bullshit while they try to justify it to the fans as having some higher intellectual purpose other then stringing them along.
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    the highlight of that finale was trevor from gta being in it.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Last nights episode was a perfect example of how thin this show is.

    Over the course of an hour, absolutely nothing happens other than Kim losing the contract, Jimmy altering some paperwork, and Mike making a spiked hose. About 5 minutes of shit that advances the plot, and the rest of the show was pure filler and wasted time.
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    Was trying to determine temperatures of music tastes around here and I sort of fell into this quote...
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