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Discussion in 'Mindless Ramblings' started by SkiMask, Apr 2, 2016.

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    Cane Corso:

    I like dogs. Love them in fact. I would like a dog in the house because they are great companions. I haven't had a dog in a number of years, and I feel something is missing. I miss having a dog. A Boston Terrier is a good compromise dog for me, the wife and my daughter.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I know Corso's very well. A friend of mine breeds them. If you are ever able to convince the wife to allow it, I'll get you a good deal. Its funny when he used to come into the hood with a couple of his Corsos, and all the low rent hoods with Pits would come up and start asking him how much to breed one of their bitches. He would say "I wouldnt let one of my boys waste his load on a Pit" LOL

    Also, Caucasian Shepherd Masterrace reporting in.
    I want one of these so bad.
  3. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    If I was to get a Shepherd, it would be German, or a Belgian Malinois. Too much hair on the above pic. German Shepherd's already have enough. That is too much for my house. My kid would die.

    I have a friend who breeds Corsos, too. I'm good to go...if ever. Not gonna happen though, as at birth they are already taller than my wife LOL.
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  4. SkiMask

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    My poochie shits bigger than me. Won't lie. I just love to spoon with her, my Mooch.

    German Shepard, Collie, Rottweiler and Shetland Sheepdog mix.

    Scared of kids, sheds everyfuckingwhere, hates dogs except what's in her pack and scares the living shit out of every swinging dick in the neighborhood. I also let her roam the sidewalk in front the house and to the end of the street with reckless abandon.

    Most people living around me get pissy about it and that's just the way I like it. Hot moms with toddlers always stop and gush. Those faint of heart just move along with a little extra glide in the stride.

    I was never a dog person till her. Never would I have dreamed what we held in our palms would get this fucking big. Thanks to the wife for that. It will be so hard when she goes. I am not sure what I'll do.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Wow. I gotta see a pic of her. I have so many combos running through my head of how that mix would turn out.

    Gotta be at least 80 lbs, probly mid level length coat. Im trying to picture her head, because Collies and Shepards have long skull, snouts, but Rotties got that block head.

    Im thinking she could either look glorious, or like Sloth from Goonies.
  6. SkiMask

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    Sure, since you asked...
    Mooch at 8 weeks.
    Dishes are done man.
    My Poochie Baby
    Grab them pussies, boys. #Trumpsgirl
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    Holy shit! Is that some type of Minnesota arctic rat? Thats even bigger than the NYC sewer rats Ive seen.....

    My God man. How could you let the little guy crawl around so close to a giant rodent like that?
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    Yeah that's my sister's little Yorkie. He's always stirring up trouble the little fucker. JuNgLiSt can have them small breeds. If your lucky enough to find one that doesn't bark I hear they can be quite the companion though.

    Been watching this at lunch time. Not bad, but not great. I never saw a bunch of Burn Notice so I don't have that messing with the character development. Gypsey grifting is always entertaining.

    Being a big Michael Imperioli fan is what drawn me to this remake. Amazon canceled its second season despite the demand. Sometimes you just never fucking know. I loved it and even though you have to suspend disbelief for some of it, I also appreciated everything going to shit in the worst way possible. It felt like a really long movie you didn't want to end. At least to me...
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    ESPN has turned into a worthless and irrelevant network over the past 10 years, but their 30 for 30 specials are top notch. Its the only quality product they produce anymore quite frankly.

    Just saw this one on the 85 Bears. Phenomenal.

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  10. SkiMask

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    Oh yeah, and this little gem's sequel arrives in February.
  11. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    Saw it the day it released. Very very sad how Buddy Ryan deteriorated in that manner. That doc also brought back a lot of great memories. Both as a Bears fan and as a kid...

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Oh yea. Pure kino.

    Kill a mans dog and you gotta die.........

    We can all relate to that. Keanu is the fuckin man. Love that dude. Incredible hes 50+ and still can pull off the operator core type roles as well as he does. Plus hes a legit great guy in real life so I always support his work.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Starting today 12/26 at noon, AMC is will be airing a series marathon of Breaking Bad over the next few days airing all episodes in order. For anyone who hasnt seen this excellent show or might have missed a few episodes along the way, this is a great chance to watch it it in its entirety. It watches exceptionally well as a binge watch due to the elapsed time in the show taking place over the course of one year while the show itself aired over 5+ seasons.

    HBO2 East is also airing a Game of Thrones series marathon starting at noon today and showing a season each day starting at noon ending at 9pm each night with the last episode for the next 6 days.

    Its a great opportunity to rewatch these classics, see them for the fisrt time if you avent yet, or DVR them to have them available to watch whenever you want if you save them.
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  14. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    Pretty sure I mentioned this before, but if you have Amazon Prime, watch Man in the High Castle. I just got done with season 2 and HOLY SHIT is it fantastic. Great writing, powerful acting, and some nutty segues, which make the show even better as it really does a great job of finding a way to pay a great homage to Dick's book.

    Do yourself a favor and don't sleep on this great show...
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    A lot of good shit started or is on the horizon.

    The Americans
    The Walking Snoozefest

    Those are the ones I can think of. Am I forgetting any?
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  19. Smokey_Run

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    Watch Taboo. Shit is good.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Really? Glad to hear it. I had it on my radar since November when I heard about it, but I had forgotten about it until I saw an ad for it last week. Its already 2 episodes in, but I definitely plan on catching up.

    Based soley on Tom Hardy being involved I wanted to watch it. I figured if he was involved, it would have to be good. Hes such a phenomenal actor, and he doesnt pick roles based on money or status. He really just tries to play roles that are challenging. Despite that bowel movement that was The Dark Knight Rises.

    Its encouraging that you like it, because I know you have good taste.

    Can you give me the broad strokes? It looks to be set in the late 1800s in England with a Jack the Ripper kind of vibe, correct? My main question is, is it based on supernatural stuff like vampires and shit, or just normal people. I'll check it out either way, but Im not huge on supernatural shit.

    Also I forgot to add on my original list, Black Sails. Thats a GREAT fuckin show and the final season starts in February if anyone wants to binge watch the first 4 seasons before the 5th season starts. I HIGHLY recommend Black Sails. GREAT show.

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