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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Pure SJW nonsense at this point. Watched an interview with him on CNN when they brought on a real physicist and climate expert to discuss the issue. He basically covered his ears and and cried "Nah Nah I cant hear you 97% of all scientists say global warming is real so whatever you say is wrong!"

    The whole "Global warming" narrative has already been debunked as thousands of Emails from different scientists have been leaked that describe in detail their manipulation of data and collusion with groups who want that narrative pushed.

    The truth is, there is absolutely no way for scientists to confirm with any certainty whatsoever that any rise in global temperatures is man made as we only have accurate temperature data from the 1880s. So based on a 130 year section of a planet that is billions of years old these arrogant charlatans think they can push their Green religion on the world. That would be like reading one sentence of a 5,000 page book and thinking you can give an educated explanation of what happened in the book.

    The planet has undergone drastic changes in temperature on a regular basis a number of times from the Ice Age through a rise in global temperatures during the Hellenistic era due to volcanic activity and ash in the air that affected the globe.

    Solar activity and flares will also effect weather patterns greatly and have nothing to do with any man made pollution.

    Also take a good look at who is making money off the whole "Green movement". Al Gore stands to make BILLIONS of dollars off restrictive enviromental laws being put in place that would benefit the "Green" companies he holds controlling interests in. Its all a fucking scam. As he flies around in his private jet that puts out more toxins into the air in one flight than 500 SUVs driven by the soccer mom rubes for an entire year who actually buy into any of this bullshit.

    Bottom line, EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet could "Go green" live in a hemp shack and recycle everything, and it wouldnt make 0.0001% of difference in reducing pollution in comparison to the industrial pollution caused by The US, China and India. The citizens of Shanghai have to wear respiration masks just to walk the streets of that city, So Sally the housewife who thinks shes making some kind of difference because she separates all her plastic and aluminum to recycle is just wasting her time. Its a pointless endeavor thats serves no purpose other than making the person who is doing it feel better.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Season 2 is on the horizon so you should definitely catch up.

    And fuck a Cinemax, watch that shit here for free http://stream-tv3.me/watch-quarry-online/

    Or torrent that shit: https://thepiratebay.org/search/quarry/0/99/0
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    Roughly 20% or more of the world's fresh water supply is right here in mine and a few other states. Let's not fuck that up, shall we? You can't always rush right to the stupid and forget what's right in front of you.

    Wall o green text:
    You can't have people dumping their garbage, Army dumping cluster bomb parts, and ships spewing their ballast water from God knows where into a fucking lake. And for some, one that isn't even on their own continent.

    It's the "Not in my backyard" bullshit that causes a ton of harm that people throw to the wayside when talking "environmentalism". Could care less who stands to profit as long as they don't fuck it all up like they have in the past. You can't tell me the General Mills and the 3M's of the world can be trusted to do the right thing just as Al Gore cannot. They have ALL proven to be charlatans. And as everyone should know, Bill Nye is a character actor. I wouldn't trust him any more than I would trust Gweneth Paltrow for my Central Intelligence briefs.

    To be clear I also said our own Government has dumped toxic waste by the barrel into our lakes. Fuck them too! Captain Planet was a kids TV cartoon show not because of shitty cartooning but because pollution was a serious issue that needed to be talked about to our kids so they understood what it all even meant. Sure indoctrination, but whatevs. I think most of us forgot alot of shit from even just the 70s and are headed right back to the same old song and dance.

    30% of the lakes in the Southwestern part of my state are considered unswimmable and unsustainable for certain aquatic species they once were known for all because of the effects of pollution. So I stay concerned. Won't make me any more greener than any one of you. But important all the same. You just won't see me door knocking the next time someone comes to town promising me all sorts of precious. But I will be there and here all the same. Folks can try and squash public opinion from decision making within Government, but it's just not going to happen without a fight.

    And to be crystal clear, I live within 10 miles of a nuclear reactor and one of the largest coal fired and power generating facilities in the upper Midwest. This is my backyard. Should they convert to Natural Gas? Well, shitty all the same. That's the issue. Can you do things the right way for everyone?

    Why you'll see me every first of the month working with my city with a few others to help shape their strategic plan for the next 10 years as a citizen of the city. They asked for volunteers and I raised my hand. If you REALLY want to care about your community you just need to step up and be part of. No need to be labeled anything other than a concerned citizen. Sucks though shitty people been hijacking good causes for their own since the dawn of man.
    Also FINALLY saw Rogue One and Goddamn was it good! Here is the latest we get this fall if you haven't peeped:

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    As I said in my post the US is just as culpable in the polution as China and India, although nowhere near to the same degree. My point is it is absulutely pointless for citizens to bother in any environmental activism because even if every single human being on the planet recycled everything they use it wouldnt be a drop in the bucket in comparison to industrial pollution. Its absolutely pointless.

    Its like the idiot who buys an electric car thinking they are helping the environment without taking into account that half of the electricity created in the US is from burning coal. So their electric car is just burning coal instead of petrol.

    It would be like wading into the Atlantic Ocean with a bucket and thinking you could just keep scooping out enough water until it was empty. Its a complete waste of time. Im not saying Im in favor of toxic waste and other shit being dumped without care, but to think anything any of us do can curb industrial pollution is just wrong. Nothing any of us do matters.
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    SHHHH! Don't let them know we know. But man them electric cars can boogey though! At some point though whether macro or micro, everything has cause and effect. Do your part to be a good human. I'll do mine. Seams easy enough.
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    LOL... There's absolutely finite data that points to manmade climate change bro. Come on.


    We as humans can explain away anything. We are great storytellers but don't ignore facts man. One thing we could agree on is it doesn't really matter at this point. About 3 years ago we hit the point of no return. We are doomed. Also be sure of this.... The earth will survive us. Like my favorite comedian, George Carlin said years ago... mother earth is tough... she will shake us off like a bad bacteria and continue on for billions of years. The sun will be her death. We are only killing ourselves.

    Such irony.
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    Fuck that climate change noise. Back to the show. Bill Nye isn't the science guy anymore, he's the social justice guy.
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    Watched this again last night. If you have young ones that don't scare easy and love magic, pretty neat little flick. Plus, it's great for adults and can keep some of your interest over the animated kid's trash pile that is everywhere.
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  10. SkiMask

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    Saw this as a trailer for that new Baywatch movie. Here we go again...

    And by the way, I LOVED Baywatch. There I said it. I pissed myself laughing too which to some might be easier to admit than actually liking the movie. AND it was made from one of them new "companies" in Hollywood and I thought they did a great job with the story, the comedy, the inside jokes as well as the pacing. It was a "Hard R" too and that was what was needed for all them jokes to land. All the fucks given and not given alike. Regardless, I needed that laugh and it fired on all cylinders. I will admit though I saw no trailers for it so all the funny was unexpected and hilarious. Might not of landed them if I saw two minutes dumping the whole funny down the drain.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I would highly recommend watching The Putin Interviews on Showtime.

    Absolutely fascinating stuff. Hes interviewed by Oliver Stone over the course of 4 one hour episodes with unprecedented access as Putin shows why hes the baddest motherfucker on the planet.

    Stone: "Do you ever have a bad day?"

    Putin: "I dont have bad days, because I'm not a woman."

    Cant make this shit up
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    Sorry but if every single person in the world changed there habits it would make a difference. The large commercial industries are not just going to continue on producing x if nobody consumes x anymore. Now that's obviously not going to happen, certainly not in a complete sense, but if it did of course it would have an impact.

    The one thing I hate about the global environmental discussion that never gets talked about anymore and in my opinion is the biggest problem of all is the simple fact that there is just too fucking many people. Less people, less consumption, less shit. But... that's not profitable. And it's not a popular idea to tell people that they're an asshole for having x amount of kids or that instead of helping people maybe they should be left to die.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Absolutely. We could eliminate about 5 billion people from the planet and not miss a beat.
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    @Swill posted this in the Discord last night and it's too good not to spread around.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    In the same vein I saw this the other day and found it hilarious.

  17. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    Holy shit, he really is the bad guy. That's almost as big of a revelation that Indy is completely irrelevant to the story in Raiders.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

  19. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    If he wasn't in the story the Nazis would find the Ark, take it to the island, open it, and die just like they did anyways. No need for Indy to even show up.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Never even thought of that.

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