Why a CON 2 has no chance if it sticks to the CON 1 feature set.

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    Well I've given up any hope that fanboys on Socom.com will ever get in touch with reality so I won't be bothered with that site anymore. They will fight to make sure Socom fails, fight against a CON sequel adding any more Socom features then the first had cause in their mind they think they are defending it when fighting against what the fans request.

    As I've said before, some community members are simply dropping their standards because of how bad S4 turned out and so now suddenly CON was a great game as is, didn't need any more Socom in it jsut the bugs fixed. There's some trying to argue that most fans loved CON and there's just a few rogue "vets" on the forums who weren't happy with it like everyone else supposedly.

    Since even cold hard facts are ignored by guys with the triple thick lens fanboy goggles on who will naively cheerlead another bad Socom into the ground and kill off the franchise for good, I will try to push the point here of why it's vital we push for the full feature sets of the classic Socom games if a CON 2 happens and why it would be unwise to stick up for the fanboys who argue against it simply cause you see them as a friend or "not a bad guy" etc. Those trolls fighting against Socom features have to be isolated and it has to be made clear that they do not represent most of the community. The majority of the community thought CON 1 was trash and won't be impressed or think of picking up a CON 2 without drastic improvments.

    Now for those who may have forgotten, I'm going to bring you back to a time before people knew what trash Socom 4 turned out to be. The day it was announced on blogshare. I am going to comb through the entire comment section and I am going to copy and paste every comment that mentions "the last Socom" and how people felt about it when commenting on the S4 comments section. I will paste both the good and the bad comments that mentioned CON and you guys decide if you think outside the niche forum goers a CON 1 will sell well to the rest of the community who don't frequent forums every day adn aren't as desperate for just any Socom thrown in a box. If there is a CON sequel it's going to have to do a lot to impress cause people outside daily forum goers aren't as forgiving or as easily duped to run out and buy just any crap Socom game.

    I actually quit before getting through all the comments it was just too much but it's worth noting that in the time I got to like 67 negative comments about CON I found only 6 saying something positive about it and of those six, at least four say CON was their first Socom. The point is guys this is just a small sample size of the fact that CON turned off a large majority of Socomers. We really have to try to push for as many Socom features as possible. Most of the names these comments were made by were not people I recognize as forum people. There's a lot more Socomers out there, the fanboys are trying to pretend they don't exist but the majority is clear. Browse the comment section of the S4 announcement yourselves. After S4 turned out so bad some have now tried to put CON up on a pedestal but some need a memory refresh of how it was widely viewed. Many felt CON wasn't a Socom game, the fact that S4 was less of one won't make CON feel any more like Socom to the fanbase then it was the first time. They really need to get most of those features in there.

    Here are all the negative comments mentioned about CON in the S4 announcement:
    1) Thank the Gods it’s Zipper.
    2)I hope this is nothing like what Slant Six released.
    3)Hope it’s better than the last one.
    4)Slant Six added so much useless crap in Confrontation that nobody wanted or cared about, Sony really dropped the ball with Socom when we’re the most dedicated fanbase. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO REDEEM THE SOCOM NAME.
    5)Zipper please look at Confrontation as an incentive for making this Socom good.
    6)So i guess you’re just hoping everyone has forgotten the horrible, horrible mess that was and STILL IS Slant 6′s SOCOM: Confrontation?
    How do you (Sony and Zipper) plan to entice me to come back to this series after being burned so badly?
    7)Say goodbye to crappy SOCOM: Confrontation! Woot.
    8)Confrontation left a VERY bitter taste in my mouth, I hope this changes that.
    9)Also Sony, make sure you make clear that last SOCOM wasn’t done by Zipper!
    Everyone is already going “I wonder if it’ll be as crap as last one…”
    10)AWESOME!!!! Great to see the SOCOM franchise back in the right hands!
    11)Zipper is the best Video Game Company when it comes to shooters and Socom.Confrontation is washed up now just like /?
    12)Zipper making it = better than slant sux= happy me :)
    13)@41: By being from Zipper. That should be good enough, but I feel your pain. Confrontation set the franchise way back.
    14)HELL YA!!!! ZIPPERS BACK BABY. For those of you have only played Socom on the PS3 you are now going to get to know what Socom is really about. Slant Six just murdered the game these guys worked so hard to create. I am definitely buying this when it comes out. In fact going to pre-order this weekend if Gamestop will let me.
    15)SOCOM 4 ZOMG!!!!! I love you Zipper :D thank you so much for returning to Socom………….. Zipper > Slant 6
    16)@65 – Being by zipper doesn’t refund the $60 i plunked down for S:C day 1 :(
    17)I was very disappointed with the latest SOCOM.
    18)Please Jeff, please please please please please please please please PAHLEEEZZZ!!!! tell them that it is not SOCOM without USER CREATED RANKED ROOMS
    19)You don’t even know how much this means to us hardcore socom fans. Confrontation was a disgrace to the franchise and it’s time to bring Socom back to glory.
    20)I don’t usually comment but this is one of the best news I’ve heard in a while. Confrontation seemed lackluster and out of place, but with Zipper back in command I know it will be a quality game I’ve come to expect. Heres to hoping its as great as 2 and 3!
    21)Socom 2 is what got me into playing online games. I’ve enjoyed a few since but still haven’t found anything that fit me like Socom 2.The other Socom on PS3 was a joke and I didn’t even bother with it after playing the beta. MAG seems fun, I have yet to buy it though thanks to little free time an online shooter needs.Just wanted to say thanks and I hope Socom 4 brings back what made me fall in love with online shooters to begin with!
    22)Woot, finally a true SOCOM game! Sorry Slant Six, that mess Confrontation is now a bad memory.
    23)Awesome. As long as /6 isn’t the dev of this game, I will try it out.
    24)Thank GOD SOCOM is off S6 dirty hands. Do not let S6 handle SOCOM ever again please. Zipper <3.
    25)i hope you guys dont follow the /6 route and put stupid armor types in this stay true to your roots. seth luisi if you have any involvment in this DONT F#%* IT UP!
    26)THANK YOU!I wanted to like confrontation. I really really did but..man….it just wasn’t cutting the mustard.
    27)This franchise is a playstation legend. Real PS hardcores like me have been playing socom since it’s first entry.Granted,Confrontation was a bust, but I’m looking forward to this latest entry.
    28)I just hope it is better than SOCOM Confrontation. I Spent 70 dollars on the mic bundle and it looked and played like it had a lot of potential but it just didn’t for fill what the series is known for.
    29)i hope you will do a better job than slant 6 did on socom:)
    30)Great to hear that the real SOCOM is finally back!!!
    31)I was waiting for the next OFFICIAL (/6 socom confrontation is crap) for a while. Thanks zipper!
    32)he first SOCOM was the first game I ever played online on PS2, I loved it. Confrontation didn’t have the same feel, but since you guys are developing it, I’m sure it’ll be much better. :)
    33)sorry to say this, but I’m not excited for this, and after seeing how horrible Socom confrontation is, no thanks
    34)Some of you kids need to do your homework before you go posting negative comments about the SOCOM (the real SOCOM franchise.) Confrontation was coded by SLANT6 thus the half-assed-made-for-PSP-presented-on-PS3 silliness they tried to pass off as part of the SOCOM family, and as proof by comments, vandalizing and damn near ruining the SOCOM franchise.
    35)not so surprising but im definitely looking forward to the return of the true SOCOM franchise
    36)Can’t wait to fix my addiction to SOCrack once again after Confrontation turned out to be chalk dust.
    37)OMG THIS IS AMAZING NEWS!!! I was a SOCOM 1 and 2 FANATIC and logged THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of hours online playing.To hear that Zipper will be developing this game gives REAL HOPE for the true diehard SOCOM fans (minus confrontation ofcourse) that we will finally get the SOCOM experience that we had ‘back in the day’ on the PS2.
    38)Looking forward to learning more about this. Lets not repeat /6 ok? Thanks.
    39)THANK GOD ZIPPER HAS THIS BACK. Now, I want to see this put Confrontation to shame!
    40)I’d like to propose that SONY offer free SOCOM 4 DLC if it is detected that you played SOCOM : Confrontation on your machine. I plunked down $50 bones on a VERY disappointing entry into the SOCOM world and for Zipper to get me and many other back you need to make it worth my while.Sorry but that is reality. Why SONY let someone mess with the SOCOM name is beyond me
    41)So, Slant Six has nothing to do with this project, thank God!
    42)Finally Socom has come back to the hands of Zipper
    43)Thank you very much! I’e been waiting very long for this. Zipper please make your game, nothing was EVER wrong with Socoms gameplay scheme, it was just lag and framerate issues that brought S3 down. Please do not cange stuff like Slant Six had the nerve to do. We love Overtime rounds and d-pad lean.. AND NOT RUN Button, and our old ranking system. Plz make Socom like Socom and don’t try to make it like these other games.
    44)Ok, Zipper! I’m so glad to hear this. With the bad experience I and many others had with Confrontation, I sugest you come with 8×8 rooms and more maps than just half the maps from Socom 2 like Slant 6 did. Other than that, I’m sure you know Socom a lot better and you’ll deliver.
    45)i love the socom series, except for confrontation..
    46)Please make Socom 4 everything that Socom:Confrontation was supposed to be.
    47)i hope is better than SC
    48)SOCOM is a great series that just fell into the hands of some inexperienced developers. Now that it’s back where it belongs in Zipper’s hands, expect to see the SOCOM series deliver what fans have been yearning for since Zipper’s last SOCOM game.
    49)Sweet, can’t wait. I never really played Confrontation and sold it to Gamestop shortly after buying it. Lets go old school!
    50)thank u god zipper is back to SOCOM
    51)Im a big fan of the SOCOM series on the ps2… But when slant siz took over with socom confrontation i was sourly dissapoinnted. Realy happy it’s Zipper, please do all u can to bring SOCOM back
    52)Well, we knew about this a long time already. nice to know it’s official, i guess. You all are still not forgiven for letting slant6 join the family. Redeem yourselves. Truly listen to your fans.
    53)thank you zipper for working on a socom for PS3 project, slant 6 sure did horrible job at socom confrontation.
    54)Zipper, please never leave us again. I thought I would never find another 3rd person shooter. God im so happy it isn’t funny.
    55)Hey slant six if your viewing this blog post from zipper you better start crying now cause everyone is going to move away from your crappy game socom confrontation over to zippers socom 4
    56)thank jebus! please save us from the hell Slant6 has brought upon SOCOM fans!
    57)does this mean sony took away the contract from crappy slant six? if so smart move sony
    58)Sony should give everyone that owns the PSN version of Confrontation a free copy of Socom 4.
    59)I’m not worried about the turn out of SOCOM IV, because this company know what the players have been looking for after what happened with thiss last SOCOM for PS3 that gave the series a bad name
    60)I can’t wait for this game. I’ve been wanting an actual Socom title since the PS3 was announced.
    61)Now we all just have to wonder will SOCOM 4 bring back the warm and fuzzies of all night gaming when SOCOM 2 was out or will we see something like confrontation or similar to SOCOM 3.
    62)Out freaking standing!!! The last Socom was a big let down for me
    63)I would have never been content with this gen if SOCOM 4 never came.
    64)Wow a REAL Socom with a REAL developer? This is very interesting. I will keep an eye on this one.
    65)SOCOM 4 has to be about the best news I’ve heard in a while. I’ll admit the only reason I bought a PS3 was for SOCOM Confrontation.. to say the least, I was a bit disappointed.
    66)Great news, bringing it back home where it started… just PLEASE… don’t stray from the originality that is SOCOM. No TILLY… GLADYS… we don’t want a smaller caliber sniper rifle that is better than a .50 cal sniper rifle. I mean really? Go zipper go!
    67)Dont let /6 help you guys.

    Here are the positive mentions of CON in the S4 announcement:
    1)The first socom I played was Confrontation, I liked it. So I cant wait to see what this new one brings to the table.
    2)Wow that looks absolutely gorgeous. I liked SOCOM: Confrontation, but the “vote to kick” feature ruined it for me because of people would abuse it.
    3)I am really excited about this. My first experience with SOCOM was SOCOM: Confrontation. Fun multiplayer but needs single player or at least training missions like Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and Escalation.
    4)Im kinda sad that socom confrontation will not be getting any more dlc though. Ever since cold front socom has been incredible
    5)This is great news. Confrontation was my first Socom, which as any Confrontation player knows is a bittersweet experience at times. I cant wait to play one made by zipper
    6)Is this a game made by just the team at Zipper or are Slant 6 tagging along. I know you (Zipper) are the creator and the reason I ask this is because I was wondering if you both will be working on Socom 4 to make a really cool game.I liked in Socom: Confrontation there was an over the shoulder view. It was not first person and I really liked that. Will that way to play Socom 4 be in the game?
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    On the flipside of your argument, If such person absolutely loved confrontation, what would be their motive for getting online to voice such praise? I know before Socom 4 was released, Out of the 30+ guys in my roster, not 1 single person ever got online and voiced their opinion about the game. Seems to me the only voices you hear and see online are the ones that arent happy with the game. That only makes sense, since they liked the game "as is" without the constant glitching and cheating that is, which by the way was present in ALL Socoms, then why spend their time to get online and voice their opinion, when they would rather spend their time playing the game? Think of it as Sony's POV, If you sell 1.5 million copies, and only receive lets say 1000 complaints, wouldnt you assume that the other 1.49 million customers like the game? I mean, unless Sony spends a heck of a lot of time and money sending out questionnaires asking for feedback, how can you presume that ALL members who bought the game feel the same way?

    My point is that just because the same people get online day after day to complain about a game, doesnt mean that the game sucks, I mean if you wanna compare, lets say that confrontation is actually a bigger success than Socom 2. After Socom 3 was released, you would be lucky to see 20 people online playing Socom 2. After Socom 4 was released, you still see 100's of people online playing Confrontation. If Socom 2 was so much better than 3, or CA, than why is it that when i get online to play socom 2, its never above 100? I hear of 200-250 all the time, but havent seen any proof of those numbers. I get text messages from friends all the time, "Socom??". And they're not talking about Socom 2, matter of fact, the only Socom that ever gets brought up, is Confrontation.

    Maybe when I have more time, I'll read through those complaints. But seems to me that the ones I read were aimed at how well Slant 6 maintained their game, not so much that the game sucked.

    On another note, those same people who bashed confrontation, are the same people who came back months after socom 4 was released, and started bashing that too. I even read one guy saying that confrontation sucked and that it wasnt what socom is supposed to be about, and then on down, reply that he never owned any of the ps2 versions of socom. give me a break.

    your not gonna see people get online to promote a game thats already released, only see positives about games pre-release. Thats just the way it is, you can obviously see that with Socom 4.
  3. Sikkamore

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    I only like Confrontation now because of the amount of time I actually GET that SOCOM feeling. No, it's not the SOCOM we knew and loved. But, for me at least, it's close enough after all the patching to the point where I can be addicted to it. I mean - I haven't been addicted to a game since Combined Assault. Con was the closest thing!

    That's the reason I support /6 and a Con 2. Maybe in the hopes that they'll literally take Confrontation and build upon it. Whether or not it goes more so in the direction of a true SOCOM game or a COD style game is all up to them.

    I played S4 online for a total of like 2 hours so I could get the trophies. That's it. Never had a single moment where I felt I was playing something resembling SOCOM. With Con? Right now if I get a decent team that talks/no glitchers/hackers then I can the SOCOM feel 75% of the time. And back in Confrontation's hayday, when I had my clan and we were on top of almost ALL the clan leaderboards/played together all day? That number was in the 90's!

    Ball is in Sony/Slant Six's court. Make or don't make. After that it's more SOCOM or less SOCOM.

    Closing statements. Yes, Confrontation was BROKEN when it released and for almost a year after said release. But that doesn't mean it didn't have that SOCOM feel...
  4. J-Put

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Confrontation was and still is a horrible broken mess of a game. I couldn't imagine how anybody could screw up a SOCOM game worse. Of course S4 isn't even a SOCOM game. It's not even in the same category. I didn't even buy it to have actual complaints about it because it's not even in the same genre of shooters as SOCOM.

    Confrontation, even with all it's problems, is the closest thing to SOCOM we have on the PS3. Slant Six tried pretty damn hard to patch that game from what I saw. They screwed it up pretty good at the start with all kinds of crazy ideas they wanted to throw in, but anything that didn't require a complete overhaul of the game they were willing to make an attempt at fixing. This gives me hope for whatever SOCOM game they make in the future. I don't KNOW that they're listening to us, but that's the impression I've been getting from their repeated PR statement "We hear you". It costs us nothing to let them have another shot at the franchise. It's not like it could get any worse of a reputation.
  5. Animal-_-

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    Dude, for real, I don't know why you put so much time and effort into that other site. Are you just a masochist? You write these long, drawn out posts detailing a bunch of shit none of them care about. THEY'RE JUST TROLLING YOU! And it seems no matter how many times one of them says something that you should know is just troll bait, you can't help but gobble up that hook and get into pages long arguments with people who are there for no other reason but to dick with you. Please, just stop.


    Here's the thing though, that's probably true for daily forum goers but in the comments section of an announcement for a new Socom game I would tend to think both negative and positive groups would be commenting on it with either "great, loved the last one can't wait for the next Socom" or "The last one sucked hope this one is better".
    I don't think the announcement of a new game stirs just the reaction of people who disliked iterations before it.

    On top of that you have to consider the sizes of those communities both in CON and S4 to the sizes of the communities in the classic games. There's a lot of people who obviously didn't like it that don't bother posting on forums and simply moved on. All in all I think all over the web we have a good sample size showing why the community keeps getting smaller and smaller. Not many people bother voting on polls yet there's more votes for a Socom 2 HD then there are people playing the latest Socom at peak time which is also pretty telling.

    The main thing is this though, something people don't get. A lot of the reason that people are asking for the remakes is because of the fact when they try to get behind a new game there's people fighting against all classic requests. It's either "you're just looking for reasons to complain its no big deal" or "That's a major request, they aren't going to change that now the game is already mostly complete" or "Socom has to evolve or it can't sell" Every feature request will be categorized as too small or to big or a necessary change to increase sales (which never happens lol). This way of systematically shooting down all requests is why people say to hell with it and start jumping on the remake bandwagon cause they figure at least with a remake they don't have to fight to get most of the Socom features in the game.

    What makes matters even worse, some of the very people who admit the requested features would make the game better still argue against it cause again they say it's "not a big deal" but all those "not a big deals" add up to a game that has been downgraded quite a bit in many areas. It's hard to convince people who played the best games in the series to jump on board for a game that can't do most of what Socom could do 10 years ago. They see it as regressing and less enjoyable as a result and that makes it easier for people to move on to other franchises.
  7. stalker52

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    I think if another Socom game is made for the PS3 it really is do or die for the series. With Socom1/2/ca/ftb/ta all these closing servers on the ps2/psp. Its really up to the next socom to bring it and bring back fans. What Sony may have not of realised with the radical changes for Socom 4 is..being niche and cattering to mainstream doesn't = more sales. People want these type of shooters out there. Its the reason Ghost Recon and Rainbow six sells like tits when released. Even when they are different from previous installments.

    As for me. I have never played socom 2. You may write me off like a midget in a one legged race. However, I ennoy the series. I do own 1 and 3. Played the tits out of 1 and 3 not so much. I also did not have online for these simply because growing up I could not afford a network adapter for my fat ps2. I recently bought a slim ps2 now that I have a decent job...but servers are closing and I have no ethernet cable. This is anotheri sue for me in terms of backwards capatability..but thats a whole different topic.

    I enjoyed Socom for what it was a tactical shooter. While not extremely realistic it offered some great tactical gameplay. Ive been yearning for another tactical shooter this gen. Probably for me whats come close on consoles is Dragon Rising. Such a great game overlooked by bugs..and cod hardcore players (hahaha) it was such a adreneline rush online. the market is out there and sony needs to recongnise this.

    I didn't buy the ps3 sicoms until recently. Simply because I heard they were just not that good. I am a optimist to I did it anyway. Socom 4 arrived, I put it in and right away I recongnised it was a uncharted like tps with...some tactical elements. This was a immediately dissapointing for me. While throughout the game obviously going out in the open will et you killed. you are not a glorified sponge like COD. also supression of enemy is there..but really thats all you get. other than that it was nothing other than a tps. Even with these elements Spec ops does it better in terms of cover to cover gameplay I thought at least.

    It wasn;t horrible If I was to compare it tps wise, and it was fun in that aspect,..but as a socom tactical game I was expecting its downright offensive. I just ordered Confrontation so idk how that will turn out. I heard its the closest thing to a next gen socom we have rightn ow..which is odd considering the fathers of the franchise totally creampied the series.

    Anyways, on topic, I feel Slant six or whoever/Sony has a lot to prove with the next socom. Its do or die for it. Your either gonna lose fans, or your gonna gain a whole new dumb downed crowd of wannabe cod players its up to you. The market is out there, Flashpoint,Arma,Ghost Recon, Rainbow six (even tho changed) prove this that people want that type of game. I think given the right time, budget slant six could improve.

    They've shown they want to and they understand the travesty all those bugs killed it. So while they have a lot to prove they also have a lot to gain among fans if done right. So I believe they can push a good product out..of course if that product is what Sony wants. I agree with making Socom prettier, updating fluidity but keeping the socom feel all around. don't change things that need not change. However, changes can be open I mean im not against it as long as it doesn't distract from a pure socom expeirence.


    Hey stalker, if you have S1 and S3 and played them for the campaign you should go grab Socom 2 if you liked those campaigns and want a new campaign to go through. Many get lost in talk of the online play and rarely mention the SP but as both and MP and SP fan of the older games I thought S2 had an awesome campaign. I'd rank it even with S1 as my two favorite campaigns and while I didn't really care for S3 MP the S3 campaign was decent and I'd rank it just a tad under the campaigns of the first two games. CA kind of had a bland campaign imo but it's still another option for go through a new set of missions.

    I'm one of the rare people who probably misses the great campaigns almost as much as the MP lol. MP was the heart and soul of Socom and where I had my most fun but being a stealth fan of games like MGS, Hitman, Splinter Cell, Technu, etc. Socom was probably my favorite of stealth based SP games.
  9. rev

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    I think it's obvious a majority of people would praise a new SOCOM being announced naturally.

    Before SOCOM 4 details were known and eventually how bad the game was, people can only naturally assume that surely it can't get worse than Confrontation and to celebrate that the original creators of the series could revive SOCOM.

    Again, if Con 2 were some how miraculously announced, people are naturally going to be excited and say "surely it can't be worse than SOCOM 4".

    Confrontation was a horrible SOCOM when compared to the originals, but compared to SOCOM 4, most SOCOMers who stuck out Confrontation would probably like to play a game like Confrontation over a game like SOCOM 4.

    THACOLLECTA iDub Scrub

    Confrontation was a horrible SOCOM when compared to the originals, but compared to SOCOM 4, most SOCOMers who stuck out Confrontation would probably like to play a game like Confrontation over a game like SOCOM 4.
    this is how i feel, couldnt have said it better thx rev
  11. stalker52

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    thats the thing they have the template there. If they would just improve on it and make it more coherant...it would be ten times better. Thats why they have a lot to prove with this title. If it is indeed them handling it
  12. rev

    rev picard is lord

    no prob...
  13. WRX_

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    I disagree because I dont feel the features of confrontation were what was lacking. I think if they released a game that functioned better out of the box with all the features included in launch (which they have shown based on vanila and slicks review of REorc) as well as providing 12-14 maps the game would sell fine and a large majority of the socom fanbase would be happy. Sure it would be nice to have UCRR, jump to climb, faster strafing, a better lean function with the ability to throw nades with both hands. These are all things that would no doubt make the game better but are not deal breakers in my opinion. The only one of those features that IMO would be close to a necessity would be the UCRR, at the same time I would personally prefer a game with little to no rank or stat keeping. The only stats I would like to publicly see would be what maps and modes people prefer along with their win percentage. I think something like kills and K/D should be reserverd for just the individual to see or maybe for clan members to be able to see. This IMO would cut out a lot of cheating and ranking up as well as people performing stat maintenance.
  14. Phoenix--76

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    I think that instead of explaining in detail how people hated confrontation so much, explain in detail how Confrontation was different than any of the past socom's. Besides the addition of the Cold Front weapons, I can only think of a couple differences in the game, and those differences arent enough to make me say that confrontation was a complete disaster. I agree with Sik, its not like those couple of problems that people talk about couldnt be fixed with an update. So, in that respect, it would be better to build on a game thats close, than to start from scratch to try to create a different experience. It would be faster too. But then again, sony wouldnt make any money off of a update, so thats prolly not gonna happen.
  15. SpaceGerbil1

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    "Surely it can't be worse than SOCOM 4"

    Famous last words?
  16. stalker52

    stalker52 203 Spammer

    Exactly why start anew when they can just build on what they've done and arguably make it better.
  17. Xx_ICE-PICK_xX

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    when they "build on" things ones could make the argument they only make it worse. See tilly, bling guns, "classic" maps, demo (respawning bomb) prox mic, and on and on and on and on and ultimately no tie breakers and side switching DURING the game.

    if thats what "SOCOM" fans want then more power to em I hope they get a Con2. My happenings with their first product showed me I will never support them again. I didn't even need to play the DLC as I refused to buy it.

    I'm all for a Con 2 though. Make it already. I will tell you though i seriously doubt if they did make it....which I honestly cannot even come up with a reason in my mind they will ever make another "SOCOM" that it would struggle to sale and not even break 250k. Always ready to be proven wrong though. I'm also all for good games being made since they're so few and far inbetween these days.
  18. S_L_I_C_K

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    i believe i was there day one telling everyone socom 4 was going to be the worst socom to date with the least amount of socm features, yep! you heard it here first! unlike most people i remembered how bad zipper was at their job. nooooobody believed me....
  19. stalker52

    stalker52 203 Spammer

    I by no means meant kept no sensable features. I was simply stating they can transition their engine, make it more flexable and build upona steady base. Instead of starting from scartch is essentially what I meant. Not taking confrontation and expanding non sensable features. They know what Socom fans want obviously. Sony knows as well but ultimately thye get final apporval for it..if the producer and middlemen at Sony want the product a certain way..devs have no choice.

    Thats a sad thing as well. Its not always up to Slant six or said developer..if sony simply doesn't want that idk. Im sure sony isn't like that..but I have heard odd occasions of pubs being total freaks when it comes to product control "cough" Activision "cough". Im all for another Socom as well I just want it handled better and given justice it deserves. Like I said the foundation for a good socom experience is found within confrontation it seems. they just need to take what they know, what the fans what..build upon that with support and there ya go.

    Of course saying it is easy and actually accomplishing the goal is a difficult task. So we will see how it turns out all together if one is indeed going to be made. Which I think so..eventually. If once isn't announced by Agust 27th or gamescom or somewhere in there. Then we can likely write it off. Its only been a year or so since Socom 4.

    We do not know the stages where a developer is at or if development has begun. Once thing out of the cancellation of servers is the recongnition that thsese servers have been up for about ten years. Thats quite a achievement regardless. For them to cancell them outright even tho players were still on servers is weird. I hope there is a reasoning for this and that reasoning is another socom game...not because we can..
  20. WRX_

    WRX_ Too many sheep on this site

    Just out of curiosity where did you come up with that number?

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