[~X~] HELLFIRE S1 Clan roots recruiting

Discussion in 'Clans/Free Agents' started by thaAMAZNblue, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. thaAMAZNblue

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    Good evening, my clan was started well before I started playing back in s1. In s2 it had two full rosters and it continued into 3 and CA. I am recruiting with the hopes of giving players a good group of guys, that are not interested in immature acts, and poor sportsmanship. Any skill level may apply. We play on CA and have anywhere from 3-8 players online daily.

    [~X~] its not only a choice......its THEE only choice.

  2. Medux

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    Pretty sure i use to play against you on CA. Good to see some familiar faces.
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  3. WAR_PIG

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    Good to seeya @thaAMAZNblue ! I would totally be down with you guys but I'm TRS for life man. Hope you build them rosters so we can play you all!

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  4. thaAMAZNblue

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  5. thaAMAZNblue

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    Layin it down! ~X~

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