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    This is from @Trip Dog over at xlink fb. It appears we have been doing it right from the start... However our arenas still get room splits and join failures so not sure how much weight this hold but nonetheless interesting....

    Its a confirmed fact by xlink higher ups that we should be making arenas everytime we want to make a room. We need to stop making rooms in the General Chat lobby. It is not meant for rooms to be made there. When you are in the general chat, you literally need to establish a small connection/ping with every person in the lobby, but when u are in an arena, u are only connected to the 15 other people or less in that arena.

    Playing in arena instead of general chat lobby Gives A lot less connectivity issues and almost eliminate boots (almost) and force joins. Not to mention u can control who gets to stay in the arena so u can boot out a lagger or afk/fishy guy out if u want.

    Take it from the guys who play halo, they have 100s on everynigt and if u look, they ONLY play in arenas and they only utilize general chat for general chat purposes such as looking for wars or scheduling matches.. make more arenas, i promise our experience will be much more stable. Green up folks!
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    I played ca for 1 map last night and got booted. We have a private arena every week and still get booted, join failures and splits. I honestly don't see this asmuch of a solution.

    All this does is make people waste more time. I had to wait 15 minutes just for a slot to even open up in the private arena and the game never had more than 14 in it even though the arena was full.

    People need to configure their routers correctly like Harry said and just hope for the best because xlink being stable is likely totally dependant on luck and routers having the right ports or dmz open.

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    Thats fine when we have 10+ guys ready to play, but its pointless when we have 4 or 5 guys and we want the room to fill up.
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    Yeah, I know you're only acting as the messenger Piggy, but I don't buy the private arena thing either. We still experience boots, failures, and connection bullshit all the time lol.

    Oh well. It's still fun regardless.
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    Yeah, as was experienced right there on Friday night. Lol so, yeah.... Not sure the weight this holds but did think it was interesting. Especially coming from that source.


    The private arena's performance is still at the whim of xLink's general ability to meet their demands. I don't think we should let one experience, positive or negative, be the final judge of the situation. I personally think that it helps, but is not serverproof.


    After playing both in arena matches and many random rooms in the general S2 lobby, I see no difference in the stability. I'd even go as far as to say some nights the genera lobby boots me less then our last community night did in the arena. I have noticed lately that stability does though seem to be going downhill, sometimes I wonder if people running that patch playing with non patch players causes some sort of compatibility issue as it seems many times when people join with those wing symbols near their name the game will sometimes go to shit where people start getting booted and such. Harry said the patch doesn't run in non patched rooms but I'm assuming at least parts of it do if it is still stat tracking and showing their achieved wings, cookies, stars, butter sticks, etc.
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  8. With private arenas it kind of like it own Virtual LAN as you only get game traffic for people in the same arena as you. In theory guess you could think of it as having less people to continue with, but I do not really see that causing much of a difference.

    Private arenas as come with their own short comings. The person that create the private arena can kick, or ban people. Also if the person that created the private leave their arena, get disconnect, or etc it causes everyone to need to re-connect with everyone.

    Just quick note about XLink Kai servers creating lag myth. No game trafifc goes through XLink Kai so any lag is not cause by XLink Kai server/s. Also to clear up something else the arena creator doesn't actually host anything.
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