xlink on now. full room

Discussion in 'SOCOM Community Nights' started by aremsoc26, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. aremsoc26

    aremsoc26 Code 9

    come thruuu
  2. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    I was on last night after the haters ball. Tonight... i'm tired as fuck after work and it starts all over again in a few hours. I'll be on tomorrow night though... you know... when everyone else is sleeping because they work normal hours.
  3. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    Wrong place to post this, we have a Xlink section
  4. Laziness

    Laziness Free Pizza

    There was a lot on last night. Pretty sweet.
  5. HighDosage

    HighDosage Navy SEAL

    Let's get more people on Socom 2 tonight. Had enough to fill 2 rooms up.. Join in on the action

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